Research and development

The natural cycle of things

There are countless ways to tell a story, but not all of them are right for every audience. A university presentation will quickly put a child to sleep and an allegory with the enchanted genie in the tailpipe can have the same effect on an adult. Ergo, we’ve set out on the path of identifying a viable and integrated system of displaying information for everyone, regardless of age or training.

Preview date: 1.02.2023

Green walks

The way we’ve come to consume information and connect to it has changed to the point where we seem to have lost patience with activities that aren’t engaging enough. As ecology is a field that is too little integrated into the Romanian collective mentality, we set out to search for the most impactful ways to capture attention. We focus on methods of immersion in various settings with the help of virtual realities.

First walk: 20.01.2023

Cercetare și dezvoltare